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Doctor King & Company Limited, London

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What is matcha? Doctor King® Supreme Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha is an exquisite finely-milled green tea powder made from the finest young green tea leaves selected in the first harvest from shade-grown tea plants (Camellia sinensis plants) grown organically (without the use of artificial chemical pesticides, fertilizers and other artificial chemicals) in organic tea farms in Japan

During cultivation, the plants are kept under shade using special Japanese methods for about 28 days before harvest, which induces production of chlorophyll, L-theanine and other valuable nutrients in the leaves. The leaves of shade-grown tea plants develop a deep, vivid green colour, a unique delightful aroma, mellow umami and sweetness, not found in sencha.

The finest young leaves are hand-harvested, washed, steamed (firstly, to help prevent loss of the rich green colour by inactivating chlorophyllase; and, secondly, to help prevent loss of the valuable EGCG antioxidants by inactivating polyphenol oxidase), dried, sifted, destemmed, deveined, assessed, tasted, expertly blended, and then gently ground using advanced Japanese precision stone grinders or the latest Japanese low temperature precision milling technology to produce the finest ceremonial grade organic Japanese matcha. One stone grinder produces about 30 g of matcha per hour.

Unlike other green teas, where after steeping the tea, the leaves are removed, matcha is whisked with water and the whole beverage is ingested with all its valuable nutrients. Research at the University of Colorado, USA, (Weiss et al, 2003) showed that matcha green tea made with 1 gram of ceremonial grade matcha whisked with water contains 137 times the EGCG* antioxidants** of one cup of China Green Tips green tea. (The China Green Tips green tea was made with a tea bag containing 2 grams of China Green Tips green tea purchased from a local Starbucks Coffee house and steeped in boiling water for 10 minutes.) WOW! Matcha is, undoubtedly, a superfood and a super green tea. One bowl/cup of matcha green tea made with just 1 gram of matcha is equal to 137 cups of China Green Tips green tea in terms of antioxidants. That's what I call "pure excellence"

*EGCG is epigallocatechin gallate and is the most powerful antioxidant in green tea. Research by the University of Kansas (Mitscher et al, 1997) showed that EGCG has at least 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C.

**Antioxidants are substances that protects cells, DNA and other molecules from the damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules made by the process of oxidation during normal metabolism). Free radicals are believed to play an important part in cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases of aging.

Start your day the super way, with matcha at its best.








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